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Premium Cigars for Grilling

In Acadiana we're all about enjoying the outdoors, and grilling is no exception. While almost any day is a great day to grill in Acadiana, there’s no denying that spring and summer offer the optimal conditions for outdoor cooking. Of course, any day is a great day for a premium cigar. Having an adult beverage and a premium cigar while you grill seems mandatory! We won't tell you what to grill or drink, but we do have a few suggestions about which premium cigars to smoke while grillin' and chillin'! Feel free to add your favorites to the discussion.

Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured (KFC)

Southern hospitality, backyard bbq’s and the more than two hundred year-old Kentucky backwoods tradition of fire-curing tobacco inspire the smoky goodness of Drew Estate’s Kentucky Fire Cured cigars. This premium cigar features a double wrapper of a fire-cured Tapa Negra leaf at the head and a Mexican San Andres Maduro leaf at the foot. A smoky and delicious taste is balanced between the Kentucky seed fire-cured wrapper and the filler blend that’s loaded with rich Nicaraguan air-cured tobacco, creating the savory smoking experience for which Kentucky Fire Cured cigars have become known.

Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented

A premium cigar that also uses fire cured tobacco! However, that tobacco is then aged in Pappy Van Winkle barrels. This barrel fermented tobacco is used as a wrapper over a Mexican San Andres base wrapper, as well as aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos - giving the Pappy Van Winkle the same double wrapper effect as the KFC, but with a twist. While the final blend is the perfect compliment to a Van Winkle spirit, pair this premium cigar with any fine rye. The spice notes from the rye bring out the pepper and smoke notes in the Pappy Van Winkle cigar.

Jake Wyatt Icarus

The Icarus replaces Kentucky fire-cured tobacco with Tennessee fire-cured tobacco! This premium cigar then uses that fire-cured tobacco in the filler, rather than as a wrapper. The filler also includes Criollo 98, Piloto Cubano, Pennsylvania Broadleaf. These are surrounded by a Dominican Olor Binder, and Mexican San Andres Maduro Wrapper. The result is a wonderful medium-to-full bodied cigar with a hint of mesquite smokiness.

Ted's The Glen

If you are looking for a premium cigar to pair with Scotch while grilling, try The Glen. You'll get more of a peat than smoke taste and smell, but you'll still have an excellent premium cigar. The Glen is an aromatically seasoned premium cigar, meaning the Glen is infused with Single Malt Scotch. All of Ted's premium cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. The Glen has an Ecuadoran Habano Wrapper, and some United States Broadleaf in the Filler.

Tony Soprano smokes a premium cigar while grilling.
Tony Soprano prepares the coals.

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