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Premium Cigars for Independence Day

The 4th of July is this week! While sparklers may be part of your celebration, we do not recommend lighting your premium cigar with one! However we do recommend premium cigars as part of your celebration. Which premium cigar to smoke? We offer some selections from our humidor, but tell us your favorite Independence Day premium cigar in the comments.

Brick House Double Connecticut

You'll first notice the United States flag themed foot band. That's there because this premium cigar has both a genuine Connecticut Shade wrapper and a genuine Connecticut Broadleaf binder, with Nicaraguan Filler. The resulting bit of white pepper taste pairs well with an American Rye! We carry the Toro and Mighty Mighty.

CAO America

Part of the CAO World line of cigars, the America is a barber-pole with both wrappers coming from the United States - Connecticut Shade and Connecticut Broadleaf. The Binder is Brazillian while the fillers are all ligero tobacco from Nicaragua, Italy, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. We carry the Monument which features a belicoso head.

Charter Oak

The Charter Oak is both a sacred tree and long standing symbol of American independence. Made by Foundation Cigars, Charter Oak premium cigars feature wrappers from the Connecticut River Valley. The Connecticut Shade has a Sumatran Binder and Nicaraguan Filler, while the Connecticut Broadleaf has Nicaraguan Binder and Filler.

Pappy van Winkle's Family Reserve

Made by Drew Estate, this premium cigar features Kentucky seed, Kentucky grown tobacco that is fire cured and then barrel fermented. The tobacco is grown in Hopkinsville, KY and fermented in retired Pappy barrels in St. James Parish, LA (yep, perique). Even with their double wrapper, these premium cigars are much easier to find than the whiskey!

Trader Jack's

Another JC Newman premium cigar! No American tobacco this time, but these cigars are rolled in the last working cigar factory in Ybor City, FL (Cigar City USA) at the El Reloj factory. Once rolled, each of these cigars is spiked with a bit of aromatic island spice before they are packed away. You can find the Original blend sitting on our counter!

Kramer lights his premium cigar with a sparkler.
Michael Richards, as Kramer, attempts to light a premium cigar.

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