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Preserve Premium Cigar Enjoyment

We all smoke different premium cigars, and enjoy premium cigars for differnet reasons. This article from the Villiger Blog does a good job of answering the question you've probably been asked, "Why do you smoke premium cigars?" While premium cigar sales in the United States continue to grow, so do the efforts to eliminate their sale!

We've mentioned here and on social media that Bailey's Cigar Room is a member of The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) and Cigar Rights of America (CRA). They are both involved in the fight to maintain our right to enjoy premium cigars! Bailey's Newsletter features links to their articles.

CRA recently highlighted several events concerning the banning or limiting the smoking of premium cigars in their newsletter. PCA has a blog post about the possible implications of generational tobacco bans. We keep the PCA magazine and Cigar Aficionado in the shop, but these other articles are worth reading!

While PCA represents premium cigar retailers, you can join CRA as an individual member and help support the fight to maintain our right to smoke premium cigars! Don't forget that CRA members get a 10% discount at Bailey's, a Great American Cigar Shop!

A group of cigar enthusiasts enjoying premium cigars.
Premium Cigars and Friends!

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