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Taste Does Not Lie with the Cigar

According to a nice e-book from the folks at Cigar Sense, “Sensations are not properties of the cigar. They are the result of the interaction between the cigar and our sense organs.” This is a simple way to explain why cigars your friends may enjoy can also be cigars that you just can’t stand. We each have a unique set of taste buds and cigars are always enjoyed in context.

At Bailey’s we always ask for a customer's preferences and use a 1-5 scale (mild to full) for body. When somebody isn’t sure or is new to cigar smoking, the questions turn to other experiences. How do you drink your coffee or tea? Do you drink alcohol? What kind? Do you like pepper? Are you looking for a particular flavor or texture? Usually a brief conversation leads to some recommendations. We try not to offer too many options as it is easy to get overwhelemed!

In the end, we’re back to, “Smoke whatcha like!” Tell us what that is below...

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