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What's the best way to store my premium cigars?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Almost every cigar smoker has an aswer to this question! The simplest method is to use an airtight container kept out of direct sunlight (this means no glass top). Eventually, though, your cigars will dry out - unless you also provide some humidification.

When in doubt, cigars are like wine - they prefer cool, dark places.

Airtight Container

You'll probably want a nice wooden humidor to store your cigars, but any airtight container will do. A resealable storage container works but they are usually clear (see below). Ceramic jars used for storing coffee or dry goods work well, and are usually not clear.

You can buy an inexpensive travel humidor (hard plastic) to hold 5, 10, 15, or more cigars. This is really the best way to start. We'll cover seasoning a wooden humidor in another post.

If you need to store a large number of cigars but don't want to spend a small fortune on a wall humidor ar coolidor - try a well made ice chest! Stop in at Bailey's and we'll explain how.

Avoid Direct Light

Glass top or front humidors look cool, but can be problematic. With larger humidors, you'll want to use some form of active humidification system (a humidifier) as there will always be places that allow your humidity to escape. Tabletop humidors with a glass top are particularly problematic as the glass allows in light and leaks humidity around the edges.

The big culprit is direct sunlight, but cigars are made of leaves. Continuous or long exposure to light can eventually discolor the cigars, and may impact their flavor.

"I only smoke in moderation, one cigar at a time" – Mark Twain

Optimum Humidity and Temperature

This is pretty straightforward! Optimum storage conditions for cigars are a temperature of seventy degrees Fahrenheit and seventy percent humidity - 70/70. Think of this, though as a range. You don't have to be exact, but be close. Here in South Louisiana where it is usually pretty humid, 69% humidity is plenty enough!

Most humidors come with some form of passive humidification system - something that holds water. You can use these with distilled water, or some form of solution, or buy beads to use, or just get Boveda packs. Most cigar shops sell these, and Boveda also makes packs for your herbs or wooden instruments (really). The only humidification systems we sell at Bailey's Cigar Room are the Boveda packs. They even make kits for seasoning humidors!


A hygrometer is a device used to monitor humidity, much the same as a thermometer monitors temperature. Modern hygrometers can be either analog or digital. You've seen them and many humidors come with one. These will always be off, always. TU offers a simple damp towel method for calibrating your hygrometer.

Your typical desktop humidor doesn't need one! Use the proper number of Boveda packs, monitor the packs and your cigars, change the packs when they get hard. It really can be that simple!

You may have a unique method of storing, humidifying, or transporting your cigars. Share it here!

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