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How do you cut a premium cigar?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

You can bite off the end of your cigar like in old movies, you can pull the pigtail on some cigars, or you can use a tool. There are three primary types of tools used to cut cigars - the punch is the least invasive, the straight cutter is the most common, and the V-cutter is the most invasive. As with all premium cigar accessories, you can find these ranging from the inexpensive to the expensive. Best to do a little research and experimentation before investing too much!

There's a lot of discussion around this topic, but no one correct way to cut a cigar. Let's examine the three most common methods using a tool.

A Punch - the least invasive method

A punch simply removes a small plug (or punch) of tobacco from the head of your cigar. It works pretty much as named. You push (or punch) the tool into the head pf your cigar, turn it a few times, pull out the punch with a small piece of the cap.

In case you are uncertain, a cigar has a head and a foot. The head goes in your mouth and you light the foot. The head is usually covered with a cap that needs to be opened in some way. Again, punching your cigar is the least invasive method.

Straight Cut - the most common method

Again, pretty much what it sounds like! However, there are a few different ways to achieve a straight cut! A striaght cut (or S-cut) cuts straight across the cigar. You'll not want to cut off too much! Pick up a cigar and examine it. Notice how the cigar isn't exactly the same size from head to foot?

There's a slight bevel at the head of the cigar. You'll also notice some rings - at least one that looks like a cap was placed on the cigar - it was! Where the bevel begins is called the shoulder and you don't want to cut the cigar past the shoulder (that creates the unravelling aggrivation that sometimes occurs). You really want to just remove the cap (a small amount of cigar, not alot).

Your standard straight cutter works perfectly for this purpose but your hands might be a bit unsteady at first. Find a flat surface. Open the cutter and place the head of your cigar in the center (cigar standing on its head). Now clip the end off your cigar - you'll never cut too much! Still unsure? We sell our Bailey's Perfect Cut cutter - you'll never cut too much! Stop in and check them out.

You can also use cigar scissors to make a straight cut! Yep, you guessed it. They are a small pair of scissors designed to snip the end off of a premium cigar. They look cool but demand a bit more eye/hand coordination than a cutter. Also, they take up a bit more room than a cutter.

Check out this video from Nick Perdomo - The Best Way to Cut Your Cigar and Where to Cut a Torpedo

V-Cut - the most invasive method

While the straight cut is by far the most commonly used method, many of our customers prefer a v-cut. A V-cutter takes a chunk out of your cigar leaving a V shape in the head. Many profess that this provides a better draw, but we aren't convinced. You'll have to try for yourself!

If you are after a coolness factor, try making a rose or star cut. This requires using the v-cutter twice, with the cuts being perpendicular to each other (leaving more of an X than a V).

Just come in and try them out...

We offer all three methods at Bailey's Cigar Room for you to try. We have a tabletop cutter that will give an S or a V cut, and we have a punch for you to use. Of course, we sell all of the tools mentioned here in a variety of styles and prices. Stop in with questions, or to pick up an accessory for yourself or as a gift.


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