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Body ≠ Strength

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Body is NOT the same as strength. The best explanation comes from Tobacconist University: Body, in terms of flavor (taste+aroma) profile, does not necessarily correlate with the Strength of a cigar. Strength refers to nicotine potency or the intensity of spice – two separate factors. Body is a flavor descriptor which can refer to the depth, breadth, and richness of a tobacco (flavor). So, a strong cigar can be medium bodied, while a full-bodied cigar can be mild or medium strength. As an example, imagine that chicken has a mild body, while beef has a richer body, yet both can be spicy/strong, depending on how they are seasoned. Body comes primarily from a cigar’s filler.

At Bailey's, we rate body on a scale of 1-5 (mild, mild-medium, medium, medium-full, full). We also differentiate between spice and pepper. Pepper is what you would think - a heat that comes from the tobacco. This isn't the same as the heat generated from lighting the cigar, but is more like putting pepper on food (think Tobasco). Spice is more like seasoning a meal. One might even detect the flavor of certain spices from a cigar!

This post focused on body. Next we'll delve a bit more into strength. That will include a discussion of nicotine. Check back next week...

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