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Casa de Suenos Premium Cigars

A Marine, a Cop, a Tree Surgeon, and a Puerto Rican walk into a cigar shop - and out come some fantastic premium cigars! Sounds crazy, but it really happened - and that's how Casa de Suenos came into existence. We've shortened the story, but you can get more details on their website.

Casa de Suenos cigars grew out of the Los Gatos Cigar Club. Owner Ozhen Arsenous wanted his own line of cigars. He had several regular customers with the same passion and desire. They teamed up and started blending. Their first offering was the el Sonador, then cam the Fantasia. Bailey's carries both lines, and there is also a story behind why.

Gary made his first rip to ProCigar in 2022, where he met Ozhen. Over drinks and cigars they discovered a common heritage. Ozhen introduced Gary to the rest of the crew, and they took him under their wing. Early one morning, after much rum, Gary was introduced to their cigars. He immediately knew Bailey's had to make room in the humidor for Casa de Suenos.

By the time the first order arrived, Jaime had already decided another trip to ProCigar was needed. He had to experience this event for himself and meet "those guys from California". Gary and Jaime made the trip in February 2023, and all have made plans to further incorporate Casa de Suenos into Bailey's premium cigar offerings. Yep, the story continues!


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