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Current SCOTUS Opinions Impact on Premium Cigars

As premium cigar smokers, we are well aware of those who wish to limit or abolish tobacco usage of all kinds. It seems quite odd that while opiods, hallucinogens, and marijuana continue to gain public acceptance those of us who smoke premium tobacco reap anger and exclusion. The courts, though, may be coming to our aid.

Last year Judge Amit Mehta issued a ruling vacating the FDA's authority to regulate premium cigars. Recent SCOTUS decisions have constricted federal regulators, limiting the use of in-house courts and the reach of regulations. Of course, there is the recent Chevron decision that has drawn so much attention! Both PCA and CRA have sent out press releases worth reading.

As you know, Bailey's Cigar Room is a member of each organization. Both organizations have been instrumental in the fight to maintain our ability to enjoy premium cigars, with each sponsoring legal challenges. While the import and sale of premium cigars continues to be strong in the United States,we premium cigar enthusiasts must stay vigilant.

PCA recently named a new Executive Director who has pledged his support for brick and mortar premium tobacco shops. CRA emphasizes the importance of the individual to preserving premium cigar rights. Consider subscribing to a premium cigar newsletter or magazine, keep up with Bailey's Blog, read the magazines found at Bailey's or your favorite premium tobacco shop, and maybe even join CRA.

We're all in this together! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please post them here.

SCOTUS may be a new friend to premium cigar enthusiasts!
The Roberts Court

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