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Jake Wyatt Premium Cigars

We've been making some additions to our humidor. The first new premium cigar manufacturer we brought in is Jake Wyatt Cigars. The company is owned by Neil Garcia and Gerard Abajian who named the company for their sons. Neil had been pursuing a career in professional baseball while Gerard was a firefighter. Each had spent time in the retail cigar business.

Big Tony Gomez introduced Jaime to this company at TPE this year and provided some samples. We loved them, opened our new account, and soon had our first delivery. We didn't have much space, but managed to find room for three lines. Each is described below. As an homage to a lineage of three generations of baseball players wearing jersey number 22, each box contains 22 premium cigars.

Appendix II

We carry the Corona which provides a rich and creamy, but milder smoke. The Ecudadoran Connecticut wrapper provides hints of grassy sweetness normally associateed with Candela wrappers. The Binder and Filler come from the Dominican Republic.

Fourth Dimension

The name of this premium cigar references being "in the zone," taking your smoking experience to a different level. This is the more medium bodied of the Jake Wyatt lines we carry! This Toro features a Habano Rosado wrapper with Dominican binder and filler.

Herbert Spencer

Named for the sociologist and philosopher who originally coined the phrase "survival of the fittest". This is the most full bodied of our Jake Wyatt offerings. The Toro has a San Andreas wrapper over Dominican binder and filler.

To tie things together...

Abajian and Garcia are fond of a particularly long quote from Herbert Spencer about keeping an open mind. That quote appears in Appendix II of a book encouraging folks to keep an open mind and not knock something until you've tried it. We suggest you try each of these premium cigars!

The owners of Jake Wyatt premium cigars.
Jake Wyatt owners Gerard Abajian and Neil Garcia.

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