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Premium Cigars and Missouri

You read that right - Missouri! We'll explain, but first some review. We know that the Domincan Republic is the number one exporter of premium cigars, and China is the largest tobacco grower in the world. We also know that some tobacco is grown in the United States and mostly used for cigarettes. This tobacco is primarily grown in the Southeast. However, tobacco grown in the Connecticut River Valley, Florida, Kentucky, and Louisiana is used in the making of premium cigars!

Corey Frisbee of Weston Tobacco (in Missouri, abbreviated MO) has been growing tobacco, rolling premium cigars, and running a premium cigar shop! It is an interesting story that you can start on his website, but Danica Baird, CMT (pictured) gives more of an insiders perspective in her Tobacconist University article.

Danica Baird smoking a cigar in a tobacco field.
Danica Baird working tobacco fields in Weston, MO.


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